Everything designed to generate more sales
After ordering you site is ready to go
Recevie a Free Domain with all new sites
We have plans Everyone can afford
ZERO Setup Fees / ZERO Transaction Fees
Easy to use CMS (Content Management System)
Receive payments online via PayPal
No matter your style, we have a design to suit you.
  • My website looks better than I imagined it would. It is very easy to manage and the support had been great. The site looks spectacular and has provided such an easy way for our company to sell our products.

  • I Continue to upgrade my website and with every upgrade or problem i create the team is always there to help offering solutions great pricing options and always responding fast to any technical issues i may have.

  • These guys know my website and understand the direction we are taking our company

  • I would just like to let you and your staff know that you all do a great job.

  • When I have requested help it has been immediate and thorough. We love your tips that you email us.

  • All this for less than half the price of the host company I was with before who only ever contacted me when they wanted money and getting a response for any help came very late after repeated requests and always with a high price tag!

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Professional Designs

No matter if you want a simple to use elegant design or the latest parallax, bootstrap technology - we have a theme for you

You don't have to be a programmer
You don't have to write code
You don't have to read code
Simple to use module area!
Turn page elements on/off to modify your page!
Customize elements through its module menu!
Multiple free designs to choose from
Each design has multiple colors available

Your complete eCommerce solution

We make it easy for you to launch and run a profitable website. You don't have to worry about web hosting, scalability issues, bandwidth problems or even hiring a developer,...ever again.

Simply find the design you like, select your FREE Domain and fill out a short online order form and Bingo your website is ready to go....

All you need to do is add in your products, content and photos and you are ready to start accepting orders online securely via PayPal.

We keep your site in good health and running by handling all your traffic spikes, hardware resources and system requirements leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

  • Free Design

    A professional design of your choice
  • Free Domain

    Free .com domain for your new website, or you can use your own.
  • World Class Hosting

    Includes world class hosting with virtually no limits.
  • Complete Admin Area

    One dashboard to manage your whole site.
  • Credit Card Processing

    Receive payments securely via PayPal - need something else let us know as we can help.
  • All Inclusive

    Design, Domain, Email. Hosting - We take care of it all

Fully automated sales system

The key to long term profits is automation. Our system has been built to make selling online easy and most of all profitable.

All you need to do is set up a product once and our system lets you continue to sell it - today, tomorrow next month or even next year.

If you have limited stock just enter in how many units are available and our system will list it for sale until they are all gone.

Once a customer purchases your product, our system handles everything automatically.

On check out, our store really stands out and manages everything behind the scenes.

  • The units in your customers cart are added together so they can be paid for all at once.
  • Shipping is calculated automatically.
  • The customer is charged via their credit card or PayPal account.
  • A new customer account is instantly created.
  • Invoices are generated and emailed.
  • You are alerted of the sale.


Once you receive notification of the sale just pack the goods, print off the invoice as a packing skip, log into the order area and mark the order as shipped.

You can even add in a note to the customer about tracking / postal details.

Our system then automatically generates an email to alert your customer that their goods have been dispatched.


Customer portal

When a customer first orders from you a customer portal is created for them.

This is an online area of your shop that a customer can log into to see their past orders, update their shipping details or re-order the same products again.

It also lets them generate future orders faster as all their details (such as their shipping address) are pre filled.

If you have reward points enabled they can view these as well.

Complete admin area

An online shop has a number of moving parts and many integrated systems. However we have created one dashboard area that rules it all.

The inbuilt, behind the scenes system handles all the technical stuff, while the admin area elegantly displays it all to you in an easy to follow manner.

Your new site will be built on an advanced and fully featured CMS (Content Management System). This lets you update your site from any Internet based computer, at any time, for free. We have intuitively designed our admin area to make your life easier, to free up your time and let you focus on generating sales.

The online dashboard contains all the tools you need to build a long term and profitable business online. The initial dashboard displays all the important sales facts, so you can see at a glance how your site is growing.

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  • Features_admin-area2
  • Features_admin-area3
  • Features_admin-area4
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Product management

The product Management area lets you easily manage everything product related.

You can add / edit products, create and assign product categories and generate drop down boxes if you have similar stock that are in different sizes / colors.

Each product can have the basics like title, description and images as we as a few advanced options like sizes / colors/ technical specifications / SEO tags and assigned categories.

There is also a stock control area to ensure you don’t oversell any particular product.

Set pricing can be used or you can create a buzz with discounts or limited time sales.

Sell multiple different products
Have multiple categories / subcategories
Each product can display multiple images
Display sizes, colours and more
Have a set prices or specials / coupons / sales,
Stock management to avoid overselling

Payment and shipping

To give your customers a seamless shopping experience you can set up shipping options that are automatically calculated on checkout and then accept payments instantly online via PayPal.

The shipping options that come standard with your shop are:

  • Flat price
  • Per item price
  • Free shipping
  • Pickup
  • Weight

 The payment options that come standard with your shop are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Cash on delivery
  • Free checkout
  • PayPal standard

If you find you need a more advanced shipping / payment option let us know and we can get you up and running for less than you may think.

Customer management

Customer management and order control is now easier than ever via the sales tab. You can see orders that have been placed, alert customers you have shipped their products and even contact people who 'Abandoned their orders'.

Every time a customer orders from you, a customer account is created. This lets the customer view their past orders, update their address details and re order quickly.

In the admin area it gives you the opportunity to see what each customer has purchased, edit their orders, mark them as paid / shipped and manage their reward points.

If you want to get a bit more advanced, you can create a customer group and then offer a discount to this particular customer group. You can then assign a customer to this new group and they will receive a discount from now on. This is a great way to sell your goods to the general public as well as to wholesalers.

Sales tools

We have created a complete sales system and added in a few advanced tools to help you generate more revenue.

Abandoned Orders

Even if someone adds a product to their cart, they don’t always end up purchasing it. Our Abandoned Orders area lets you contact this group of customers directly via email. A great sales tactic is to include a discount coupon to hopefully entice them to purchase from you.

Auto responders

Our large stores have a complete auto responder system available to them. You can pre build a newsletter series and have it automatically emailed to people on your list every x amount of days

Blog / News Area

Keep in touch with your audience by adding in regular news and information


Offer free shipping, a dollar value discount or give them a set percentage off your regular price. Our coupon system lets you create an almost unlimited amount of coupon codes.

Daily deals

If you run a large shop, you can also have a daily deal module added in for free. This module lets you specify products that you would like to feature on your store at a discount. - If you are interested in this just let our support staff know and we will get it added for you. 


Just released a new product? Let you customer know about it via the newsletter area


You can create a sale item in the product area; just enter in a new price, a start date and an end date.

SEO / Meta Tags

Input Meta data to help boost your rankings on the search engines

Content management

Adding your content and information has been made easy via the use of information pages and the blog / news areas. There is no need to know any html as our pages area works like a standard word processor. You can bold / italic/ highlight text, add in photos and resize text all on your screen.

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  • Features_info_pages
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Design options

Each of our designs are different. Some have advanced home pages slides other have great html content areas. Many of our designs also have a theme color module which either lets you select a premade color design or create your own with the color picker

Regardless of which design you go for, the images of your site will be handled by the in-built Image Manager.

Our Image Manager lets you view the images currently on your site, add new images or delete old ones.

It also auto resizes images that you add to your products.

If you get stuck make sure you let us know as we are here to help, we can also completely design your new site for a small fee.

Locality settings

Our system has a complete locality setting area. Here you can enter in the address and country of your shop, the countries you would like to ship goods to, currencies you accept and add basic taxes to your products.

This area also lets you set up shipping zones. Simply create a new zone, add in the locations you would like included in this new zone and save. You can then use this in some shipping modules so a zone specific price is charged for customers who would like goods dispatched there.

Product returns

If a customer wishes to return an item they can send details to you via the online Returns Area. This can include the product name, condition of the product and a reason for wanting to return the goods.

You will then be alerted via email and the store will create a return authority in the returns area. 

Once you receive the goods back, check it against this returns authority.


If you don’t know how your shop is performing, how can you make it better?

This is the reason that all of our shops come with a full reporting area.

This lets you see what products are popular; which products have been sold, who your best customers are,  full date order reports and more.

We strive to give you enough information so you can make informed decisions about your business.

If you need even more statistics you can sign up for a free Google Analytics account and easily add this code to your shop via the admin area.

Free email support and updates

Got a problem?

Have a look at some of our self help videos and documents that are available at: http://shops.ezisites.co.

If this still does not help you can get in touch with us via our online support forum.

Email support is always free! (Please note fair use rules apply)

When needed, we will release updates with bug fixes and new features to our shop packages. That's also free!

Your shop is also very customizable so if you need anything modified or added in let us know.

Run a successful online business

We operate differently to most so called 'web designers' We actually want you to be successful and to make money.

This is the reason we have created a completely FREE e-course, that is delivered to you regularly via email.

This course covers everything from basic to advanced SEO Techniques, how to make the most out of paid adverts, where to advertise, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so much more.

This is continually being added to which ensures the latest trends are covered.


Online shopping is the way of the future, and we want to help everyone sell online in an affordable manner.

Over the 10 + years we have been operating, we have seen how the Internet has dramatically changed the way businesses and individuals operate. However for some reason Websites are still not affordable to make...

With our resources and knowledge, we have been able to transform what was once a cumbersome and expensive experience and turn it into a simple and cost effective solution.

We have decided to do away with the 'industry standard' setup fees and build a long term relationships with our customers. For a small monthly fee we give you everything needed to sell online successfully. There are no commitments or long term contracts so you can cancel at any time - just let us know.

We set up fully functional, easy to run, multi-page sites, with world class hosting, emails and even your own domain name. This is Everything You Need to be Online, all for a fraction of the price.

You can now build a real online business for as little as $29 per month.

Free Setup
No Setup Fee
No Fees
0% Transaction / Success fees
Fast Hosting
Optimized hosting for fast-loading
Almost Unlimited
Almost No Space / Bandwidth Limits*
Free Domain
Free .com domain
Free Email
2 x Email Addresses